The Butterfly Ball is an annual fundraiser to benefit The GreenHouse. The event takes place in April which is Child Abuse Awareness Month.

The Butterfly Ball includes a Silent Auction that features local items that have been donated through our generous community members, a photobooth that allows patrons to engage in some childlike fun, dancing the night away, and a formal dinner.

Take measures to prevent infestation

The wooden doors need utmost care and prevention from infestation. Infestation refers to the situation when termites start attacking the doors made up of wood. The termites are enemies to anything made of wood. The termites not even leave trees. The termites used to make the wooden doors hollow from inside. As a result you would not be able to understand the wooden doors from outside that they are being destroyed from inside. Therefore, it is very important that the doors are being protected from being invaded by termites with the assistance of some professional repairing & remodeling services provider like Home Remodeling Wellington. The doors when timely oiled and varnished become safe from termites.

The Butterfly Ball

Ensure timely Painting/ Varnishing

Painting and varnishing will depend on the material the doors are made up of. Both painting and varnishing are done on the wooden door. The painting ensures longevity of the doors. The varnishing provides a lustrous shine to the door made up of wood. Painting the doors ensures that the door is free of the normal wear and tear. The varnishing of the door needs to be done by rubbing the doors with a particular piece of paper. By doing this doors get a smooth body. The smoothness is required throughout the body of the door before painting or varnishing.

The Butterfly Ball