Façade is sometimes the part of a house we tend to neglect from the exterior design point of view. Usually, it’s simple and functional without drawing any special attention to itself. But improving your home’s façade can bring you a lot of curb appeal and a better price if you decide to sell your home.

Depending on the state of your home, you may need a renovation to upgrade your façade, or some aesthetical methods would do the trick. Whatever it may be, you will transform your home and give it a charm it deserves with the following ideas.

1. Pay attention to details

Details are essential to creating an overall attractive exterior for your house. Your façade can be in a perfect shape, but damaged windows and doors will hinder that look. So, examine the state of your window frames and replace them if needed with new ones or repaint them in other shades.

Use shutters on the windows to create an elegant exterior décor which will go hand in hand with a colonial architectural style. Also, consider building an awning for the front of the house to create an additional space and boost the domestic character of your place. This little detail can earn you a lot of curb appeal with potential buyers or renters.

2. Remodel your roof

A roof is an important part of your home so it’s crucial to maintain it in good health. This means that regular checks and repairs can save you a lot of trouble, but also boost the look of your façade. Namely, the roof is also something that people will see from the street and affect their opinion about your house.

Use pressure hose to clean your roof from the piled up dirt and dead leaves. This is especially important for tiled roofs since debris easily get stuck in the crevice. Additionally, if you have a flat roof, consider repainting it in a different shade this time, which will really improve your home’s façade.

3. Perform a façade makeover

If your façade is old and in the state of decay, then it’s time for a makeover. House cement rendering will cover the holes and give you a new surface to paint on. However, it will also improve insulation and keep the inside temperature under control.

A fresh coat of paint will rejuvenate your home and revive its street appeal. Depending on your exterior design, choose the color that will go well with the surrounding greenery and architectural concept. Pair pastel tones with warmer and earthy tones like chocolate brown which will make your home welcoming to visitors.

4. Do some landscaping

The landscape around your house can do a lot for the look of your façade. If you spruce up your house and don’t touch the landscape, it’s like you didn’t change anything at all. In order to create an attractive and appropriate landscape, take a good look at the space and plan its design.

Designate an area for garden and maintain your plants regularly so they would grow and bloom healthily. Connect your interior with the exterior by building a deck where you will create an outdoor seating area to relax during the warm weather. Add stone pathways in your landscape so you can freely move among nature and from the gate to the front door.

5. Improve night lighting

vPeople often forget to carefully plan night lighting in order to improve the house’s look at that time of day as well. While usual lights by the gate, on the porch, and at the front door are sufficed, they won’t do your house a justice. Instead, be creative and put your home on display.

Ways of Improving Your Home’s Façade